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Posted by Vyacheslav Larionov on

Most of WHEELS N KIDS products equipped with futures listed below:  

•Soft Start and Electric Brake System for Gradual Acceleration and Reliable Braking
•Electric Power Assisted Steering System with Automatic Return to Center
•Front + Rear Spring Shock absorbers, One Button Wheel Assembly System
•Realistic working Imitation LED Headlights / Tail Lights / Dashboard Lights and Gauges
•LED Wheels with Zero Maintenance Soft EVA Foam Rubber Tires, Provide Very Comfortable Ride
•Integrated MP3 Player with MP3 Audio Input, Plays files from Micro SD card, USB Flash Drive or external devices like iPod, iPad, iPhone or Android Phones
•Horn Sound Buttons on the Steering Wheel, Battery Meter Display on Dashboard

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